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St Synna


/sɪn/; They/Them

Neo-nephalem VTuber just trying
to learn what it means to be human.

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Syn is Trying

🔆 The Streamer▪ Name: St Synna @ Syn
▪ Age: >2000 human years
▪ Birthday: 7 July 7 CE / 1977
▪ Race: Neo-nephalem (half angel, half demon)
▪ Gender: None (they/them)
▪ Height: 5'2
▪ VTuber Profile: VTubie
Syn doesn't have much recollection of their beginnings. Part saint part sinner, neither man nor woman, they wander the grey areas of Purgatory, balancing sins and virtues in search of Truth.

🔆 The ProjectIn 2021, Syn somehow stumbled down the REALITY rabbithole and woke up in the deep jungles of Vtubing.'Syn is Trying' is their first streaming project. It documents their (mis)adventures of exploring unfamiliar waters and attempting whatever piques their interest to better understand mortalkind.They don't know how long this journey would last, but they hope they'll be able to befriend creative, courageous, and kind souls along the way. 💛

🔆 The Milestones

▪ 2021-08-11: 1st stream on REALITY
▪ 2021-12-17: 1st stream on YouTube
▪ 2022-01-01: 1st stream on Twitch
▪ 2022-03-15: Pledged - Good luck, have fun!
▪ 2022-03-14: 1st Twitch raid - GenshinSupportClub
▪ 2022-04-09: Twitch affilliate 😱
▪ 2022-04-09: 1st cheer - biskutboy
▪ 2022-05-19: Joined M'sian Streamers Twitch team
▪ 2022-07-02: Collab with 60 MY VTubers (Fall Guys)
▪ 2022-07-07: 1st birthday stream 🎂
▪ 2022-12-18: 1st follower - biskutboy
▪ 2022-03-28: 50 followers
▪ 2022-04-09: 1st subscriber - itscptprice
▪ 2022-05-19: 100 followers

good luck, have fun!

My pledge based on glhf rules.In my streams, I will try my best to...
1. Set a positive example with my behavior
2. Show integrity by honoring the rules
3. Be a good sport no matter how the game goes
4. Recognize that my words have real impact
5. Speak up against discrimination and harassment
6. Stop and reassess if I’m told that I'm causing harm
7. Respect others, even if their opinions are different
For more info, visit glhf.